Summer Roadtrip Sessions 2017


Y'all.  Can't believe summer is almost here and Frankie and I'll be heading west for our annual roadtrip.  We'd love to cross paths with y'all --- families, couples, individuals, fellow creatives, whatever --- for some summer sessions.  We'll be spending the most amount of time in LA, but will be passing thru west Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

So, if y'all have a flexible schedule, are willing to meet up along the way, and/or are just generally up for anything, then send me a message by clicking the button below and I'll send y'all all the juicy details.

Want to stay in the loop with all the latest?  Then be sure to sign up here.  Y'all never know if I might put out a model call or two, or perhaps hold a pop up event somewhere along the road.

And if y'all just want to share a meal or beer, we'd would love to hear to hear from y'all as well.