Summer Roadtrip Sessions / by Shana Berenzweig

Y'all.  Summer is here and that means Frankie and I'll be heading west for our annual roadtrip.  We'd love to cross paths with y'all --- families, couples, fellow creatives, small businesses, whatever --- for some summer sessions. 

We'll be spending the most amount of time in LA, but will be passing thru west Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  So, if y'all have a flexible schedule, are willing to meet up along the way, and/or are just generally up for anything, then send me a message by clicking the button below and I'll send y'all all the juicy details.

And if y'all just want to share a meal, a beer, or a hike, we'd would love to meet with y'all as well, so give me a shout.


Now Booking Sessions

Greater LA Area

Aug 25 - 27

Sept 6 - 8

Limited Spots Available.  First Come, First Serve.

Want to stay in the loop with all the latest?  Then be sure to sign up here.  Y'all never know if I might put out a model call or two, or perhaps hold a pop-up event somewhere along the road.