post session print guide

Thank you again for trusting me to be your photographer! It’s an honor I don’t take lightly and appreciate greatly. I hope you love your photos as much as I do. IF YOU EVER HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PHOTOS, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT ME. Thanks for all your support and love! I couldn’t do what I love without awesome people like you!

Copyright and Your Photos

While I own the copyright to all the photographs, a limited personal use license and print release was included with your photos. This grants you limited rights to use and print the images. So go ahead, show ‘em off and print ‘em up. All I ask is that you please respect the copyright and don’t claim them as your own, try to sell them, or alter the images in any way (except for cropping as discussed below).

Before Getting Your Prints Made, Please Read Me First

Getting a quality print at a great price has never been easier. There is no reason not to spend a few extra moments, and dollars, to seek out a reputable, high-quality print lab/vendor, whether it's an online or a brick-n-mortar store.

After making the investment in a custom photography session, why get your beautiful photos made just anywhere?

PLEASE DO NOT GO to Walgreens, CVS, or the like, and instead check out one of the places recommended below. Seriously. Your images may come out wonky and I can’t guarantee image quality from these sorts of print labs.

IMPORTANT: Many places have an auto-enhancement or correction option; I strongly recommended and kindly ask that you DO NOT do this. PLEASE DO NOT apply any additional filters. or adjustments to your photos. They have been carefully edited and are ready to be printed as they are. The only exception to this is brightness. Some online vendors tend to run on the dark side when printing and adjusting the brightness slightly may be required. When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to email me with questions.

If after you get prints made, your photos come out looking significantly different than when you viewed them on-screen, please let me know asap. And if you are ever in doubt, get a small test print done (like a 4x6) just to see how things come out before committing to the larger print and associated investment.

Please don't be leery of online vendors.   Again, you can always start with a small test print job.   The aspect ratio and cropping issues mentioned previously were meant to be informative, rather than something to fear or something you'll need an expert’s help for.   Pretty much every online (as well as in-store kiosks) have previews and cropping functions available so that you can play around with how things look before committing anything to print.   Also, one of the main reasons I even bring up the aspect ratio at all, is to give people a head's up that, depending upon the print size chosen, the final image may look slightly different than the one they saw online.

Printing and Cropping

Confused about where to get your new photos printed? The next section has more information and a list of recommended labs/vendors. But first, PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFO …

Whenever you order prints, please be sure to preview your images first and make sure you don’t need to manually adjust the cropping prior to ordering. Why? Well, without getting too technical, most photo frames are sized for traditional 35mm images, which are rectangular, whereas the size of a digital photo is more square. This is due to the aspect ratio, which is simply the ratio between the width and height, or the shape of an image. My camera has a 3:2 aspect ratio. That matches the aspect ratio of a standard 4x6 print and means none of the 4x6 prints that you make should need to get cropped. What you see on the monitor is what you'll see in the print.

It's not until you want to print at larger sizes – 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 – that the 3:2 aspect ratio becomes slightly problematic. Here's why – a 3:2 aspect ratio is not equivalent to ANY large-scale print size (with the exception of 12x18). So printing standard-size digital photos to fit into frames or photo albums will get cropped slightly and need some resizing. thus, please preview your images first and/or ask the photo lab technician for help. this is not something you should be afraid to do, cropping is easy and can often be a subjective thing. This is something I just want you to be aware of ahead of time.

Most photo labs offer automatic cropping or DIY. If you're worried about something being "cropped off" (like the top of someone's head), examine your images first, and crop the image yourself rather than having it done automatically. Some labs have a True Digital option that prints the photo with no cropping and preserves every pixel of your photograph. It just won’t fit in a standard-size frame. If you have any questions about cropping, please ask the photo lab technician or contact me, but you should be just fine if you preview first. All digital photos are fully edited images with a print release.

Recommended Print Labs

Online Vendors: Precision Camera, WHCC, Artifact Uprising,

The following places will be able to provide in-store printing expertise and guidance.

Austin — Precision Camera and Holland Photo

DFW area — Fort Worth Camera, Barron Photografix, and BWC Photo Imaging.

Did you have a great experience with a local or online lab? Want to share? Send me an email.

another friendly Copyright reminder

Shana Berenzweig | Photographer retains the rights to all images and the images created by Shana Berenzweig | Photographer are protected by Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved).  It is illegal to claim the images as your own, or alter, copy, or reproduce the images elsewhere, in any manner without express written permission from Shana Berenzweig | Photographer. Violators will be subject to criminal and civil penalties under federal law.

All images remain property of Shana Berenzweig | Photographer and may be used for from time-to-time for portfolio, advertising, editorial, and/or any other purpose thought proper, without Client knowledge or compensation.  Shana Berenzweig | Photographer will not sell your images for profit without Client knowledge and consent, nor share or submit images to any publications, brands, organizations, social media channels, bloggers, without prior consent by and without proper credit to the Client.

Upon delivery of any images included with the session and/or purchased, the Client will be granted a LIMITED LICENSE to use, print, and/or display them for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Any kind of COMMERCIAL USAGE of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED  without explicit consent and compensation to Shana Berenzweig | Photographer.

The Client MAY NOT claim these images as their own or sell them for profit and images may not be entered into any contest, whether for profit or not.  

The Client MAY NOT share or submit images to any publications, brands, organizations, social media channels, bloggers, without prior consent by and without proper credit to Shana Berenzweig | Photographer.  

The Client MUST OBTAIN written permission from, and compensate Shana Berenzweig | Photographer prior to the Client, their associates, friends, or relatives publishing the photographs.

It is illegal to copy, scan, download, print, share, alter, or otherwise steal any image created by Shana Berenzweig | Photographer during the Client’s session. This applies but is not limited to, “sneak peek” images, images posted in an online proofing gallery, blog, Facebook, Instagram, or hard copy images.  If the Client, or their associates, friends, or relatives, steals an image(s) via any method listed above, or any other method, client will be invoiced for the cost of each digital image Client has stolen, at Shana Berenzweig | Photographer’s current price per digital file.  Reposting and sharing of images with proper credit and links back to Shana Berenzweig | Photographer is allowed.

Proper recognition of Shana Berenzweig | Photographer is greatly appreciated when sharing photos and using them online.