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client gallery help


This year, I'm using a great new gallery viewing platform and while most clients have had no issues, there have been a few that have had some trouble navigating it. So I put together the following little help guide that covers some of the basics.

The site also comes with its own fantastic online help which can be accessed via the 'chat bubble’ icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and it will also walk you through a little tour the first time you enter the gallery.

What happens next?

If you purchased an ALL-INCLUSIVE SESSION, you can go ahead and download all your images following the instructions below. Please note you must use the email address where you received your gallery link or else you will not be able to get them at no-charge.

If your session included HI-RES DIGITAL IMAGES: You'll receive a separate email shortly (titled “Get Your First X Images!” or “Get Your First X Images On Me!” or similar depending on your session) with a code to use to purchase your images.

Individual digital images are available in the online store for $55. FOR FALL POP-UP PORTRAIT CLIENTS: If you love all the images and can’t make a decision, you can UPGRADE to the all-inclusive package for $350 from the small pop-up portrait session package | $200 from the large package. This is currently not available in the online gallery store, instead please let me know via email.

If your session included a SET OF PRINTS: Lucky y'all! Now's the time to marking your favorite images. You'll receive a separate email shortly titled "Begin your Photo Selections!" with instructions on how to select and submit your images for print.

gallery passwords

When you first enter the gallery, you will be asked to create a password that will be linked to your email and you can use that to log into the gallery on all future occasions. This also gives you, and only you, special privileges to your images.

After you’ve accessed your gallery through the secure link, you can now always find your gallery below. Simply hover your mouse over the gallery and click, “Login.”


Galleries are viewable on all devices, but are best viewed on a desktop or laptop. All galleries are private, allowing you to share your photos with only the people you desire.


Use the share button within the gallery to share individual images or the full gallery link. Please encourage friends and family to tag me as the photographer. Thank you, kindly.

PLEASE DO NOT save or screenshot gallery photos, share those screenshots with others, post them on social media, or use/save them in any other way. Once you've received your final photos, please share away! Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

You can download your purchased images right from your gallery. Please note that images should be downloaded onto a computer as opposed to a mobile device. This is due to the compression to image quality that mobile devices force as a space-saving measure.

1) Hover over the photo you'd like to purchase and click the 'downward facing arrow' in the image footer. The images will be stored in your download tray in the upper right corner of the screen.

2) Once done making your selection(s), click the 'downward facing arrow' in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar, near the shopping cart icon.

3) Review your selection(s) and then click the 'Buy High-Res Photos’ button.

4) Click Continue to proceed with placing your order, following the onscreen prompts.

5) If you received any promo codes or discounts, click ‘Coupons,’ enter your code, and click OK. Remember: you'll be charged for any amount exceeding the number of free downloads included in your coupon code and there is a $25 order minimum. Proceed by clicking on 'Place Order.’ You may be asked for shipping info during the checkout process, please fill it out and proceed, it’s part of the system and not something I can change. Just mentioning it as it sometimes confuses people when they aren’t actually ordering a physical product.

6) After your order has been placed, you'll be redirected to a confirmation page with your order number and you should receive an emailed receipt as well.

7) Shortly after in a separate email, you'll receive a link to download your photos via your gallery account where you can click on ‘Photos.zip' which will initiate the download process to your computer.

8) You can also access your downloads through your account orders page. To begin, go to 'My Account’ and click on ‘Orders.' Find the desired order number, click on 'Download Photos’ and a download the zip file to your computer.

9) IMPORTANT. PLEASE REMEMBER to download your photos before your gallery expiration date. If you ordered additional digital images and/or print products, those must be paid for in full before being processed. If you want the digital images that came with your session to be delivered asap, place an order for them separately from any additional orders that require payment before order fulfillment.

Need help on getting your digital images printed? Scroll down.



Use the download button within the gallery to choose between a high-resolution download (for printing) or a web-size image for sharing on social media. For downloading on an iPhone, make sure you’re using the native Safari web browser.

order print products

You can order a variety of print products through your online gallery store. Simply favorite or ‘heart’ the images to easily find them later within the store. Don’t see something you’d like? Email your request and perhaps it can be arranged.

Shipping times and prices vary by product and Texas sales tax added where required. Production times and shipping times and rates are all provided by the print labs and shipping carriers, and Shana Berenzweig | Photographer is not responsible for any delays.

gallery expiration

All galleries will posted for a limited time depending on your session type. You'll receive an expiration date with your gallery, as well as reminder emails leading up to the expiration date to allow you to make any orders or download your portraits before this date. If you need more time to make your selections and place orders, it is $25 to extend your gallery viewing for another week. PLEASE REMEMBER to download your photos before your gallery expiration date.

gallery help

For help, an online customer support team is available through live chat within your gallery. Simply click the ‘chat bubble’ icon in the lower right corner of your screen. A gallery tour is also available when you first enter and will show you how to hide, share, heart, and download your images. Of course, I am also here to answer questions.

Printing your photos

You’ve got your digital images, now what? Check out my POST SESSION PRINT GUIDE.


Have questions or problems with your gallery, please contact me.