Adventures with Eddy + Garret by Shana Berenzweig

I’m always torn between at-home sessions and getting out and about with my families. On the one hand, there is probably no place else that means more to you and your children than home, where your family’s story unfolds most, both the big and small moments.

But it is definitely not the only place where your family’s memories are made and new stories are written. Especially in an outdoors-y city like Austin, many families have special spots around town that mean as much to them as their home and I love getting out there and playing and exploring with them. And after this sweet daddy and daughter session, I just want to get out there even more.

Garret is good friend of mine and one of the best compliments I’ve received so far from our fellow friends has been how ‘Garret’ these photos are — meaning they reflect who Garret is, what kind of father he is (pssst, he’s pretty awesome), and how he and his daughter like to spend time together.

Authenticity and love. And of course, lovely images. That’s what I strive for each and every family session. And putting together this post of some of my faves, I think I nailed it this session, if I do say so myself.

Now as awesome as our friends’ response has been, by far the very best compliment was when Garret texted me after getting the full gallery and said that it made him tear up. That’s not uncommon to hear from the mommas, but I don’t hear that very often from the dads, which of course makes it all the sweeter.

Want your own adventure session? In addition to my Fall Pop-Up Portrait Sessions, I’m also offering some special adventure sessions, so get yours today, they won’t last forever!

Hiding out by Shana Berenzweig

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

Brene Brown

Self-portrait with my girl | Austin, TX | Jan 2018

Self-portrait with my girl | Austin, TX | Jan 2018

Last April, I wrote about how I was gonna show up and be seen.

Inspired by the quote above, I promised myself I'd do better by setting some intentions for 2017. 

More blogging. 

More self-portraits. 

More vulnerability.

I thought about writing more blog posts and taking more self-portraits. 

I thought about showing up and being seen.

But instead.

I hid out.

Self-portrait in my new home | Austin, TX | Oct 2017

Self-portrait in my new home | Austin, TX | Oct 2017

Well, here we are.  Another new year.

Another attempt at intentions.

At doing better.

And more blogging and self-portraits and showing up and being seen.

So, here I am.  Again.

I can only go up from here.





P.S. At the time, I hated it, but this self-portrait has really grown on me.  I almost love it now.  Maybe in a year, I'll feel the same way about the one here.

P.P.S. Dear sweet and loyal clients.  I really am planning and hoping to find time to do more client blog posts.  Y'all are all so lovely and deserve a moment to shine.

At home with the Hewitt Family by Shana Berenzweig

Lucky me has had the honor of working with the lovely Hewitt Family for several years now.  Fun, laid-back, and oh so nice, they are one of my many wonderful longtime clients.

Usually we meet at out and about at a park or some place else outside, but with a tiny new member of the family, I happily met them one morning for an at-home session.  The Hewitts had just moved back into their recently remodeled home, but we also wanted to capture sweet Mei Mei while she was still little, so we worked around the boxes and hung out in their new upstairs.  Who needs furniture when you've got a room full of love.

Here are some highlights of our time together.  It's been an honor to watch this beautiful family grow and I look forward to our next time together.

At home with the Tune-Loeb Family by Shana Berenzweig

I first met my friend, Tara, during summer school at UT - Austin.  I can't recall the class, but I do remember we clicked instantly.  But like many friendships, the relationship ebbed and flowed over the years as our lives took us in different directions.  We reconnected while we were both living in NY, but lost touch again soon after.

So, I was so happy to bump into her at the park a couple years ago, but such is life that we didn't actually get together for a session until almost a year after that.  Now we have two sessions under our belt and I couldn't be happier to have reconnected with my old friend once again.

I happily met them one early morning for an at-home session at their beautiful home, located in the historic Clarksville neighborhood in Austin.  We played.  We read.  We blew bubbles.  We took a walk around the neighborhood.  We did it all.  As you do when toddlers are involved.  Here are some highlights of our lovely time together.  I'm already looking forward to our next session.


Showing up by Shana Berenzweig




"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

Brene Brown

Self-portrait with my squad | Austin, TX | April 2017

Self-portrait with my squad | Austin, TX | April 2017

I wrote about this on Instagram yesterday, but since I'm trying this whole blogging thing now, figured I should share here, too.  Right?

So, I'm not really big on resolutions, but at the start of the year, I was inspired by the quote above to set some intentions for 2017.  Not really big on self-portraits either, but since growing as a photographer was also on the intentions wish list, here I am, showing up and letting myself be seen.

Confessions: I only took this photo because of a workshop I've been taking and should be posting it simply because I like it, not because of the teacher's positive feedback (and confidence it gave me). I also took an embarrassing amount of shots to get this halfway decent one that I only kinda sorta like. That nice gallery wall is the only wall decorated in that room.

While only a baby step, gonna keep trying this whole showing up and letting myself be seen in all its good, bad, and ugliness. 👊🏻



Promises I don't intend to keep by Shana Berenzweig

Blogging.  A journal.  Whatever y'all want to call it, I'm givin' it a-go. 


I tried once upon a time, but it quickly fizzled out. 

And that may happen again.


This time around, though, I'm only giving myself one rule.

And that'll be that there will be no rules. 

Daily or weekly posts?

No, thanks.

Gonna post when I feel like it.  No more, no less.

I might write some words along with posting pictures. 

Or I might not.

I'll definitely be sharing more of my client work.

And I'll definitely be sharing other things, too. 

But that's it. That's all I really know for sure.

'Cause simply said, not gonna make any promises that I don't intend to keep.

Other than being myself.

Oh, and sharing more photos of my dog than y'all probably care to see.

Sweet Frankie | Big Sur, CA | July 2016

If y'all are new to me and my work, learn a little more about me here.

I don't expect there to be lots of readers.  But to those who do follow along, thanks, I'm very grateful for y'alls support. 

Now go have a happy weekend, friends!  See y'all when I see y'all.